Digital journalist and photographer

I'm a Canadian National Magazine Award-winning digital journalist covering breaking news at the International Business Times in London, UK.

Lately I've been covering US politics and the rise of President Donald Trump, but my interests are wide-ranging and I've written regularly about the environment, trade, the British government, and surveillance.

My past work as a foreign correspondent has appeared in two of Canada's leading dailies: The Globe and Mail and Toronto Star.

Other work has appeared in Vice UK, and stories of mine have been syndicated by Postmedia News in Canada. I've also worked as a daily reporter for Metro News in Ottawa and digital editor at Canadian Geographic magazine.

I'm often called on to share my thoughts about Canada in a global context and have recently appeared on BBC World Service, BBC Scotland, and regularly on Monocle Radio's The Globalist. When President Donald Trump recently met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel I appeared on Turkish national television to give context to their meeting. You can listen to more radio spots and projects here.

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