Don't expect Trump's promised $1tr infrastructure plan anytime soon — IBTimes, 2017

American industries say they're hopeful the cash will come to fix the nation's crumbling roads and rail... eventually.

Trump wants price of 30-foot-high concrete Mexican border wall in by May — IBTimes, 2017

Companies across US hurrying to get their proposals in by deadline, but many believe wall will be mostly fence.

Did Trump promote ExxonMobil when Rex Tillerson still held the oil giant's stock? — IBTimes, 2017

Secretary of State promised to divest stock holdings worth more than $50m within three months of confirmation.

EU referendum: Price tag of Brexit could be £100bn as trade deals become undone - IBTimes, 2015

Britain's referendum to leave the European Union is the equivalent of playing with economic fire and could cost the country more £100bn (€141bn) in trade deals, experts say.

Scandal-plagued HSBC's UK chief to head influential group at financial regulator - IBTimes, 2015

Despite scandals, including forex fixing, HSBC head will represent financial industry at UK's FCA regulator.

Exuberance over Iran oil 'overdone' after US sanctions deal - IBTimes, 2015

Glut of short-term crude stockpiles hides larger problem of rebuilding Iran's oil industry, say experts.

Banks face fresh billion-pound legal challenges for forex fixing in the UK - IBTimes, 2015

After settlements in the US, investors to go after banks for alleged foreign-exchange manipulation in Europe.

EU law that could make UK internet porn filters illegal is heading for a vote - IBTimes, 2015

'If you're a German customer who wants specific content, you should be able to access it in the UK,' according to patent attorney specialising in communications technology.

Greek debt crisis: 'EU can't legally force Grexit or stop Greece from using euros' - IBTimes, 2015

EU law experts and rock-star economists are calling for less sabre rattling and more Greek debt restructuring.

Summer budget 2015: Bosses denounce 'big gamble' of George Osborne's Living Wage increase - IBTimes, 2015

A new minimum wage proposed in the UK's 2015-16 post-election budget is gathering loud cries of disdain from some business groups.

Britain should put City of London under EU financial rules: Deutsche Bank vice chairman - IBTimes, 2015

Vice chairman thinks the UK should strengthen its financial ties with the union and bring London finance under EU regulation.

New London skyscraper 22 Bishopsgate 'will fill desperate need for office space in the City' - IBTimes, 2015

New designs revealed for London's latest skyscraper 22 Bishopsgate that will elbow in behind the Cheesegrater and Walkie Talkie.

Paris to fashion housing from empty offices as part of renewal plan - The Globe and Mail, 2015

Enormous changes have been set in motion in the French capital since socialist Mayor Anne Hidalgo was elected just over a year ago in April of 2014. Officials say the city is being made over for the 21st century.

‘Gorgeous’ Barcelona still undervalued, foreign buyers say - The Globe and Mail, 2015

Spain was one of the countries in Europe hardest hit by the global economic crisis. Foreign buyers are now eyeing the country's property at a discount.

Keen to own a piece of Berlin? Choose from shabby or upmarket chic - The Globe and Mail, 2015

Within the bounds of strict rules designed to keep property speculation at bay luxurious apartment buildings are rising near the route of the demolished Berlin Wall.

Tall towers invade Central London - city grows up instead of out - The Globe and Mail, 2015

London's massive building boom will create Nine Elms, a new district on the Thames stretching two kilometres east from the decommissioned Battersea Power Station along the riverfront to the edge of Vauxhall.

Commodity spotlight 2015 - CIM Magazine, 2015

CIM looks at 30 different metals and minerals, reviewing the past year – the growing trends, the unforeseen events – and exploring what is on the horizon.

Stake in Cheesegrater pays off for Oxford Properties - The Globe and Mail, 2014

Canadians are reshaping London's skyline as they make big bets on the global financial centre's real estate.

EU greenhouse gas legislation targeted by oil sands industry - CIM Magazine, 2014

The oil sands industry is cautiously optimistic Prime Minister Stephen Harper will prompt a revision of EU legislation that works to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Prairie powerhouse - CIM Magazine, 2014

Mining by the numbers. An infographic of Saskatchewan's industry.

Laid off public servants building new careers in small business - Metro News, 2013

After a year of federal government layoffs, civil servants have turned to the entrepreneurial fire inside to find work in 2013.

Investment deal with China threatens Canadian sovereignty, says Green leader - Metro News, 2012

Green Party leader Elizabeth May calls for emergency debate on a new investment treaty with China.

Billions worth of unused gift cards lead to scams online - Metro News, 2012

The victim of a gift card duplicating scheme warns consumers about the perils of buying gift cards online.

Fairmont rescues damsels in distress - The Globe and Mail, 2012

Hotelier Fairmont is on a mission to restore historic hotels in Moscow, Boston and around the world.

How do youth succeed in a tough Canadian job market? - Metro News, 2013

A corporate headhunter uses his 25 years of experience matching the right people with the right jobs to answer reader questions about how to write a killer resume in an online Q&A at

New app can read your every thought - Metro News, 2012

The latest in smartphone technology lets users play a new kind of game — mind games. Not Brain Age or another puzzle game, but one that can read your every thought.

American movie maker targets Canadian file sharers in court - Metro News, 2012

Los Angeles movie maker Voltage Pictures brings unprecedented lawsuit targeting BitTorrent-using customers in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal. 

Young first-time home buyers getting a break from parents as market softens - Metro News, 2013

Rather than discourage young home buyers, changes in mortgage rules have them turning to their parents for funding. 

Carney tells business leaders to focus efforts at home, emerging markets - Metro News, 2012

Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney advises business leaders to focus their efforts at home and in emerging markets.

Angel investors power sight enhancement tech to give vision to the legally blind - Metro News, 2013

A pair of wireless, vision boosting electronic glasses is targeting a growing market of 8 million to 109 million people with eye damage.

Website helps you tick goals off life list - The Globe and Mail, 2012

A next-generation social networking site is helping people to consider their deepest dreams and desires and draft a plan to make a reality.

Prestige is returning to real estate in Old Montreal - The Globe and Mail, 2012

After languishing for decades behind boarded-up windows, dozens of the area’s centuries-old buildings are being transformed.

Parkbus offers escape from Ottawa to camp in Algonquin Park - Metro News, 2013

A successful bus service that brings Torontonians to Ontario parks is launching a pilot run in Ottawa this summer in hopes of staunching declining attendance at Canada’s wilderness treasures.

Federal budget cuts to space agency a bad deal for industry - Metro, 2012

Cuts to the Canadian Space Agency will see the department slashed by $29.5 million annually. Bad news for Canada's commercial space industry, says former astronaut and Liberal MP Marc Garneau.

Gen X workers don’t trust their bosses, study finds - Metro News, 2012

Government workers and Gen X employees have lost trust and faith in upper management, according to a study by the Canadian Association of Management Consultants.

Public-private projects ease the load for cities - The Globe and Mail, 2011

Canada has become the land of opportunity for P3s as cash-strapped governments cope with fiscal pressure and an infrastructure deficit. Find an earlier story on P3s.

Outer space ventures top of mind: Earth and moon align at mining symposium - CIM Magazine, 2011

Interdisciplinary efforts are key to outer space ventures, say NASA scientists and mining industry innovators.

Steam washers cleaning up - Toronto Star, 2009

Friends and business partners Brent Gray, 21, and Sébastien Dupéré, 23, have built a business on vaporizing fossilized wads of chewing gum.

Provincial grow-op registry needed for home buyers, say Ontario realtors - Metro News, 2012

Home buyers want to know if they’re about to drop their life savings on a former grow-op, prompting realtors to demand a province-wide drug lab registry.

$50K raised on Kickstarter for Android app a loss for Teknision - Metro News, 2012

More than $50,000 raised in a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new app for Android tablets developed by Ottawa’s Teknision has been lost after the company’s U.S. representative backed out.

Retractable-roof ballpark puts Canadian firm at bat - Indianapolis Recorder, 2009

Florida Marlins project only the latest for Quebec-based steel company that finds tough times are best to build stadiums

Bullish on human capital, Barrick Gold drives efficient operations - CIM Magazine, 2012

Barrick Gold COO Peter Kinver's emphasis on human capital is driving more efficient operations.

Brooklyn MD launches first online practice - National Review of Medicine, 2007

Are you ready to go back to the future? New York family doctor 31-year-old Jay Parkinson is making house calls online.