The GOP Says It Has Evidence of a Secret Society at the FBI—But No One Is Allowed To See It — Newsweek, 2018

Republicans said the text messages indicate a conspiracy against Trump at the highest levels of law enforcement.

Twitter Locks Trump Supporter Accounts Tweeting #ReleaseTheMemo Hashtag That Democrats Link to Russian Interference — Newsweek, 2018

Democrats say the #ReleaseTheMemo hashtag is linked to Russian efforts to manipulate public opinion.

Trump Supporters Angry After Warnings From Twitter About Russian Interference Through Trolls — Newsweek, 2018

Trump supporters found it hard to believe they helped spread Russian misinformation after 677,775 Americans got warning emails.

Donald Trump's New York Real Estate Friends Love His Tax Bill—It Will Make Them Even Richer — Newsweek, 2017

Critics say the president is pickpocketing everyday Americans to benefit a handful of wealthy business moguls.

Trump’s Child Crusaders — Newsweek, 2017

Children are being ‘weaponized’ in support of Donald Trump, says media expert.

Congress Sexual Harassment Settlements Should Be Made Public, Says Ex-Congressman Who Sponsored Original Law — Newsweek, 2017

Christopher Shays, who sponsored the 1995 Congressional Accountability Act, says it's time for transparency.

Trump Group Sends 12-Year-Old Girl to Interview Roy Moore Ahead of Alabama Election — Newsweek, 2017

Millie March rose to fame for her support of the president during the 2016 election.

Donald Trump May Be Losing the Rust Belt and the 'Deplorables'—But He Has One Big Way to Win Them Back — Newsweek, 2017

A General Motors union leader says Trump is losing support among manufacturing workers, but experts suggest he knows just how to keep a certain type of voter on side.

Mueller Investigation: The London House at the Center of the Manafort Indictment — Newsweek, 2017

Mueller’s investigation exposes why it's so easy to launder money through Britain, experts say.

DOJ Calls for Investigation in Paul Manafort Indictment Leak — Newsweek, 2017

Republicans are adamant that the source of leaks on the Russia probe's first indictment be found.

Trump’s Billionaire Cabinet Members DeVos and Ross Fly Private Jets While Ben Carson Flies Commercial — Newsweek, 2017

Some billionaires in the Trump administration are avoiding a scandal over private chartered jets by flying their own.

Exclusive: Billionaire Robert Mercer Is Helping Pay Donald Trump's Legal Bills — Newsweek, 2017

Donations to RNC legal fund paying Russia investigation lawyers shows $193,400 from Cambridge Analytica's Mercer and wife.

Republican Says Black Democrat ‘Will Go Missing’ Over Georgia Civil War Statue Row — Newsweek, 2017

A GOP lawmaker has deleted messages saying his former Democrat colleague “will go missing in the Okefenokee.”

Can Trump Recover His Neo-Nazi-Tainted Brand? — Newsweek, 2017

Brand and reputation experts say Trump has crossed a boundary that's very hard to pull back from.

U.S. Contractor Bought Luxury Cars, Paid Fat Salaries to Partners on Afghanistan Contract, Audit Finds — Newsweek, 2017

Senator Claire McCaskill demanded to know why the military approved $50 million in irregular spending on luxury cars and significant other’s salaries, calling it a “slap in the face” to taxpayers.

Trump’s Afghanistan Plan The “Definition of Insanity,” Say GOP and Democrat Congress Members — Newsweek, 2017

A bipartisan group of Congress members are calling for a debate on whether Trump's strategy is any good.

Why Is the Alt-Right Attacking H.R. McMaster? — Newsweek, 2017

Internet troll Mike Cernovich is looking for dirt on Trump's national security adviser.

ISIS and Syrian Regime War Crimes Could Go Unpunished Under Trump State Department Plan — Newsweek, 2017

Casualties mount as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson works to cut $10 billion from the State Department budget on White House orders.

Jared Kushner’s Security Clearance: Critics Say Ivanka Trump’s Husband Shouldn’t Have Access to Top U.S. Secrets Due to Undisclosed Russia Contacts — Newsweek, 2017

American officials will weigh Kushner's “personal conduct” and vulnerability to “foreign influence” when considering his top-secret security clearance application, experts say

U.S. Government at Risk of ‘Terrifying’ Hacking Attack, but Trump Won’t Do More to Fix the Problem — Newsweek, 2017

There was a 40 percent increase in government data breaches last year, with 72 across American government systems.

New NRA Video Fuels American Extremists, Says Former CIA Analyst — Newsweek, 2017

The video's message and presentation lays the groundwork for violent movements.

Who Advised President Trump To Bomb Syria? — Newsweek, 2017

At the moment the U.S. military is in the foreign policy driver’s seat, and that’s not a good thing, experts say

Trump Is Endangering U.S. National Security With Vacant Positions, Cuts at State Department: Career Diplomats, Experts — Newsweek, 2017

Former diplomats and foreign policy experts tell Newsweek that Rex Tillerson's big changes are eroding America's power on the global stage.

Jeff Sessions Refusal To Learn About Russian Hacking Puts U.S. In Danger, Obama Official Says — Newsweek, 2017

Last year there was a 40 percent increase in government data breaches, with 72 across American government systems.

Former FBI Agent Defends Comey’s Integrity Ahead of Jeff Sessions Testimony — Newsweek, 2017

Those who have worked with or taught the former FBI director are defending him from attacks out of the Trump administration.

Revealed: How the Tory government ignored industry warnings and put 190,000 jobs at risk — IBTimes, 2017

Exclusive: David Cameron and George Osborne reneged on £1bn promise on carbon-capture programme.

What will happen when Trump's travel ban is replaced? — IBTimes, 2017

President's ban targeting Muslim-majority nations will see continuing court challenges, say lawyers.

Mexico border data not being used to show how Trump's wall would work — IBTimes, 2017

Government report says impact of barriers on US-Mexico border 'have not been assessed'.

Who's afraid of Donald Trump? Europeans' views might surprise you — IBTimes, 2017

Fear and disappointment or happiness and hope were among the choices for thousands across the continent.

Ethics groups question $100m cost of President Trump's inauguration — IBTimes, 2017

The costs of the 2017 inauguration are the highest in history.

UK's post-Brexit trade deal hinges on outcome of secretive EU court case — IBTimes, 2016

EU judges will decide if Britain must deal with 27 nations on free trade.

Trump is wrong – say experts who caught Russian election hackers red-handed — IBTimes, 2016

Cybersecurity firm Crowdstrike caught Russian intruders in DNC computers despite president-elect's claims to the contrary.

Exclusive: Emails reveal diplomatic embarrassment for UK at Paris climate conference — IBTimes, 2016

How cutting a £1bn green tech fund set back the fight against climate change and left the UK's global standing in tatters.

Third member of axed MoJ commercial arm jumps ship…to join ex-civil service colleagues at new consultancy - The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, 2016

Senior figures at former Just Solutions International investigated for possible breach of Civil Service rules.

Vishing: New breed of phone hacking scams hook UK customers - IBTimes, 2016

The unstoppable crime of 'vishing' is on the rise and regulators remain powerless.

Thames Water says 62 million tonnes of raw sewage dumped into iconic river in 2014 - IBTimes, 2015

UK faces multimillion-pound EU fines if capital's £4.2bn 'super sewer' not completed.

Conservatives face councils revolt over plans to shut 91 community courts across the UK - IBTimes, 2015

Opposition is growing following the Ministry of Justice's announcement of plans to close community courts in early October.

Exclusive: UK Ministry of Justice asks High Court to delay review of Saudi Arabia prison deal - IBTimes, 2015

Court documents question if the Jusice Ministry followed human rights rules when bidding for a £5.9m contract.

Exclusive: Minister investigates controversial programme to sell UK justice services to Saudi Arabia - IBTimes, 2015

After High Court challenge against JSi program in June, Secretary of State for Justice Michael Gove launched review inside MoJ.

Gaza Strip: Hamas capture Mossad spy dolphin says Israeli Army radio - IBTimes, 2015

Israel Defense Forces report that Hamas claims to have caught a dolphin spying for Mossad.

British assisted destruction of Saddam Hussein's sarin chemical weapons in Iraq - IBTimes, 2015

UK twice found and destroyed chemical weapons as old stockpile moved about the country on black market.

Is the UK government spying on your MP? - IBTimes, 2015

Parliamentarians demand court rule whether they are exempt from UK government surveillance.

Isis could have been 'nipped in the bud' with attack on Assad in 2013 say ex UK defence chiefs - IBTimes, 2015

UK politicians need to convince public to take military action today: former Nato secretary general.

Young German fighting with Kurds against Isis dies in battle in Syria - IBTimes, 2015

A 22-year-old YPG fighter has become the second German to die while combating Islamic State.

Sharpshooting female soldier beats best Brits but fails to take home top Queen's Medal - IBTimes, 2015

Although she scored highest in the UK's top sharpshooting competition, Sgt. Tatyana Danylyshyn came away empty-handed.

Celebrations in the streets of Athens for supporters of Greek referendum 'No' vote - IBTimes, 2015

Early exits polls in Greece show a rejection of the terms proposed by the country's creditors and Greeks are taking to the streets in celebration.

Second UK surveillance study to recommend ministers get judges to approve spy warrants - IBTimes, 2015

The study informing new surveillance laws is set to recommend ministers keep warrant signing powers, according to one of its authors Sir David Omand, former director of GCHQ.

Clamp down on wire transfers to disrupt terrorists, says UK counter terrorism boss - IBTimes, 2015

Financial laws need to be tweaked to include transfers under £600, according to Andy McDonald, head of the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism unit's Specialist Investigations.

Terror attacks: Dozens dead in vicious day as Isis marks one year of caliphate - IBTimes, 2015

Violence comes nearly a year to the day Isis declared its establishment of a new caliphate, an Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

London teen gets tooth knocked out after spraying Westminster Met with Silly String [Video] - IBTimes, 2015

Prankster arrested twice for spraying Met police with silly string after security beefed up following lone-wolf terrorist attacks, posts video on YouTube. 

UK prisons in crisis: Privatisation, cuts and overcrowding a recipe for anarchy - IBTimes, 2015

Britain's prison workers have blamed the latest inmate riot in the Midlands on government cuts, as MPs debate the "crisis" in British jails.

Saudi blogger Raif Badawi facing 1,000 lashes will have punishment postponed: Amnesty - IBTimes, 2015

Badawi's wife holds hope the Saudi king will reverse the court's decision in an act of clemency at the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan.

Empty homes, foreign buyers fuel resentment in London - The Globe and Mail, 2015

An influx of international money into London's property market has become a contentious British election issue.

Jews, Muslims in London neighbourhood build trust by working together - Toronto Star, 2015

In one London neighbourhood, a sense of shared destiny has given rise to a positive outcome — rather than pushing them apart, recent hate crimes have brought Jews and Muslims closer together.

Ultra-Orthodox Anti-Zionist Jews Held an Israeli Flag Burning Protest in North London - Vice, 2015

On the heels of the Israeli Prime Minister's speech to U.S. Congress, a sect of Orthodox Jews known as the Neturei Karta made a statement about their view of Israel and Palestine.

UK journalists are taking the police to court for spying on them - Vice, 2014

Several journalists are headed to court to protect freedom of speech in the UK after finding themselves on the Met police "domestic extremist" database and discovering they have been spied on for years.

Julian Assange says Canada moving in right direction in privacy battle - Toronto Star, 2014

But ISPs can do more, says WikiLeaks co-founder. Assange’s new book presents two visions of the future of the Internet battling for supremacy.

Will CETA send Canadian jobs across the pond? - iPolitics, 2014

Under the final Canada-EU trade deal, billions of dollars Canadian governments set aside to boost local businesses may flow out of Canada.

Londoners livid over spikes to deter the homeless - Toronto Star, 2014

Devices now lightning rods for critics of mayor's failure to fix affordable housing.

Polish MP conducts migrant ‘experiment’ in London - Toronto Star, 2014

MP Artur Debski works a construction job in London to understand why more and more Poles are moving to the U.K.

Privacy watchdog’s office loses private information of employees - Toronto Star, 2014

A data breach at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has potentially exposed the private information of 800 current and former federal government employees.

Will Scottish referendum lead to flag flap in Canada? - Toronto Star, 2014

Movement is brewing to change the iconic British flag if Scotland votes for independence. But the Union Jack is found on many flags.

Conservatives need clear message, brand loyalty to survive - Metro News, 2013

A Conservative pollster warns the days of the Liberals being branded the ‘natural ruling party’ are not over.

Ambushed: Doctors interrupt minister to protest refugee healthcare cuts - Metro News, 2012

Physicians shouted over a speech by the Minister of State for Sport ahead of the London Olympics to protest government cuts to refugee healthcare.

Plan for supervised injection site applauded by drug users - Metro News, 2013

A plan to open a supervised injection site for hard drug users in Ottawa is being applauded by some who say the facility would cut the city’s high HIV infection rate.

Syrian-Canadians fear long arm of regime - Postmedia News, 2011

As violence in Syria swells, Syrian-Canadian activists don’t feel safe voicing their opposition to the Assad government, even on Canadian soil.

Killer robots need a tight leash: defence experts - Metro News, 2012

Autonomous weapons are not far in the future and need to be debated as Canada purchases its first weaponized drones, experts say.

Ironman triathlete races on with training post-cancer diagnosis - Metro News, 2013

Triathlete Sindy Hooper had no idea when she quit her job to raise money for a friend with ovarian cancer that she would soon be in a race for her own life against the disease.

Former Israeli intel officer gets inside the heads of suicide bombers - Metro News, 2012

To get into the minds of those carrying out suicide bombing attacks Yoram Schweitzer spoke to those who had failed.

Glenn Greenwald calls out Canada on crime, Internet bills - Metro News, 2012

Lawyer Glenn Greenwald calls out Canada for its new Internet throttling and tough on crime laws.

Military likely to be scaled back, not scaled up in coming decades - Metro News, 2012

Don’t expect a Canadian military loaded with more of the latest gadgets in the next 20 years, says a defence professor as he peers into the forces’ future.

Catholic school board sees enrolment decline as new $10 million school set to open - Metro News, 2013

The Ottawa Catholic School Board has lost roughly 10 per cent of its students over the past eight years as enrolment rose at public schools.

Citizens' groups trying to purrrge feral-cat problem - Postmedia News, 2012

Feral cat populations have increased significantly across Canada and citizens groups are stepping up where the government won't.

Ron Paul criticizes ‘irrationality’ of Canada’s drug laws - Metro News, 2013

Republican libertarian Ron Paul told Canada to drop drug laws and mandatory minimum sentences at the Manning Centre‘s networking conference.

Iranians share mixed feelings on expulsion of diplomats - Metro News, 2012

Immigrants and refugees from Iran shared mixed feelings as the regime’s diplomats packed their bags to leave Canada.

Ousting 3,000 immigrants will strain Federal Court: Law prof - Metro News, 2012

New immigration laws strain the Federal Court and scare the public into accepting draconian legislation, says a law professor.

Libertarian party grows as voters seek alternatives - Metro News, 2013

Libertarian Ottawa South candidate Jean-Serge Brisson doesn’t count on winning your vote – he just wants you to know there’s an alternative.

Americans in Canada call U.S. election a big reality TV show - Metro News, 2012

Republicans and Democrats watching the American election in Canada lament its reality TV tone.

Cyber-warfare competition aims to shore up government security - Metro News, 2012

Attacks to steal valuable government and corporate data are on the rise and a new cyber-warfare competition is challenging the country’s experts to beef up their skills.

Union fears review will lead federal Justice Department to outsource lawyers - Metro News, 2013

A review of the federal Justice Department is set to examine whether more of its work could be outsourced to private firms.

True star of Argo events sets record straight on Iran hostage crisis - Metro News, 2013

The diplomat behind the events of Oscar-winning film Argo sets the record straight on the ’79 Iran hostage crisis.

Drug pushers give kids deadly Fentanyl hits for stolen goods - Metro News, 2012

A group of Manotick drug pushers got kids to steal from homes in return for a hit of the highly addictive drug Fentanyl.

Canadian MDs risk life and limb in Afghanistan - National Review of Medicine, 2008

Physicians are bumping up their emergency room skills on Afghanistan's front lines.