I Cycle Ottawa - A City Changing Lanes

In Ottawa the National Capital Commission is working with the city to make Canada's national capital more sustainable and bike friendly.



At Home in Attawapiskat

The Cree community of Attawapiskat on James Bay has been fighting for a new elementary school for more than a decade after their first school became a toxic hazard. Will Canada fail the next generation?


Suds, buds at the heart of beer league hockey

They don't have the same physiques, reflexes or fat paychecks of NHL players, but the Barrhaven Men’s Hockey Association's players sure love the ice. In this video and photo essay I explore what brings them out every week.


What is Biodiversity?

The International Year of Biodiversity is an invitation to take stock of our ingenious yet imperilled life-forms, from the clockwork of genes to the wild rumpus of ecosystems.


Freeing the Ferrets

Erased from the Canadian prairie seven decades ago and dwindling to within a whisker of extinction, the black-footed ferret is poised to make a precarious recovery.


Poet Set me Free

Danish singer-songwriter Arvid Aagaard Jensen performs the single from his 2014 EP Grand Machine.