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How cutting a £1bn green tech fund set back the fight against climate change and left the UK's global standing in tatters.

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The Brexit vote raises questions about how it will impact Britain’s environmental laws and regulations.

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UK faces multimillion-pound EU fines if capital's £4.2bn 'super sewer' not completed.

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Carbon capture and storage technology making little progress and will put both Britain and Europe far from climate goals, says Imperial College London study.

Climate deal likely at Paris 2015 conference after G7 decarbonization pledge - IBTimes, 2015

The UK's top climate change diplomat said G7 agreement to "decarbonize the global economy" means workable global climate deal likely in Paris.

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New oil sands emissions data may lead to tougher environmental assessments.

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Canada is betting on carbon capture technology to reduce carbon emissions. But will the economics work? 

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Saskatchewan is working to drum up interest in the long-term potential of its oil sands with investors overseas.

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Despite the threat of the EU fuel directive, foreign investors plan to pour billions more into Canada’s oil sands. Read the PDF.

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Popular science educator Bill Nye shares his excitement for recent scientific discoveries in a Q&A.

Environmental groups quit Ottawa over uncooperative feds - Metro News, 2012

Environmental groups have downsized their offices in the capital after getting the cold shoulder from the federal government.

Apps in the park - Canadian Geographic, 2011

With attendance down, Parks Canada looks to smartphone technology to get urbanites out exploring historic sites and the wilderness.

B.C. firm harvests sustainable wood from submerged African forest - The Globe and Mail, 2011

Using floating, chainsaw-equipped harvesters Triton Logging is salvaging rare hardwood from the reservoir of Ghana's Akosombo hydroelectric dam.

Oil pipelines have financial, ecological cost, warn environmentalists - Metro News, 2013

Pipeline spills not to be discounted, environmentalists warn, as two new projects get underway.

Green guts for an old office block - The Globe and Mail, 2010

Retrofitting decaying offices from the 1960s, 70s and 80s with green technology is reducing operating costs, attracting tenants faster and for higher rents.

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A new generation of greener vessels is setting sail on the St. Lawrence Seaway.

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Developers turn to geothermal heat to define the next generation of urban office buildings.

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Canada has a plan to mitigate and profit from the risks of climate change.

Environmental groups stage mass blackout of 500 websites - Metro News, 2012

Non-profits black out websites to protest budget bill's clampdown on environmental charities doing advocacy work.

Müvbox: sustainable real estate goes high-tech - The Globe and Mail, 2009

It doesn't transform into a tank, but if you mistook this shipping crate for a futuristic robot you wouldn't be far off.